Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Suburban Housewife Edition

My vibrating Timex watch woke me up at my common 6 am time. To walk my child to the transport, and strive for a run, I slipped on my Champion running jeans, a Nike long sleeve shirt bought at TJ Max in 2013 and a couple of running shoes from Shoe Carnival. After a fast shower, I slipped on my mother goes to work low maintenance uniform. some olive green Gap Bermuda shorts, a crimped long sleeve catch down, a weaved Lucky sash and Havaianas flip lemon. With my dark bonded leather Forever 21 satchel over my shoulder, the unified with the zipper that doesn't work, I went to my day occupation: accounting. Later that night, back home after a taxing day of accommodating records, doing child escort obligation and cooking a Mexican chowder.

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